Build an effective deck before you open Hearthstone

Step 1: Identify the type of deck you want to build
Aggro, Midrange, Control, Zoo, Combo, etc.
Go to Deck -> Build deck.
Step 2: Add key cards that represent your idea of winning
Add key cards that represent your idea of winning with your deck
Step 3: Add cards that support
win condition cards
Use "Add cards by relation" in deck builder.
Step 4: Add meta-counter cards
to your deck
Information about the current meta can be obtained from HearthstoneTrend decks.
Step 5: Open deck coverage view
and find gaps
Make sure you have proper distribution of cost, effectiveness and an acceptable proportion of offensive and defensive cards in your deck.
Step 6: Fine tune your deck
using HearthMatic
Identify cards which are not fitting in desired strategy.
Before you start playing the deck, check it's performance in our simulator.

Check the performance of your Hearthstone deck before spending your time playing it

Step 1: Choose your deck
Go to Simulations -> Start new simulation, type the deck name or select one from dropdown list.
Step 2: Choose opposing deck(s)
Run Hearthstone simulations against your deck(s), community or trending deck(s).
Step 3: Enter the number of games
Running more games with one deck gives more reliable results.
Step 4: Set deck rules for your deck (optional)
Maximum number of your minions on table depends on the deck type used for the simulation.
Step 5: Set card rules for your deck (optional)
Setting card rules is not mandatory. It gives the simulator more time to spend on trying out the "good" moves instead of figuring out the "stupid" moves itself.
Step 6: Tweak your deck before you start playing it
Inspect Bottom-Up and Gameplay diagrams. What’s ineffcient? What isn’t working? What is useless?

Record and share your strategy ideas in form of small card snippets

Step 1: Create a strategy snippet
Aggro, Midrange, Control, Zoo, Combo, etc.
Go to Strategy snippets -> Create new snippet
Step 2: Set snippet's properties
Name the snippet, choose a hero class, archetype and game phase when the snippets is intended to be played.
Step 3: Set and order cards
Add up to 5 cards using filters in relations viewer.
Order the cards in up to 3 turns.
Step 4: Describe each turn
Explain how do you intend to play the snippet turn-by-turn.
Step 5: Save and share
Save your snippet and share it with the community.
Step 6: Use the snippet in the deck builder
Use the strategy snippet as a backbone for a new deck, as a win condition combo, supporting cards, etc.
{{deck.winRate * 100 | number:0}}%
Win rate
{{user.winRate * 100 | number:0}}%
Win rate
by {{sim.firstDeck.user.username}}
vs {{}}
by {{sim.secondDeck.user.username}}
{{sim.strategyName}} Multiple decks
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